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Newspaper’s editorial office & printing-house
Site: Industrial Park, Győr
Time of planning: in January 2009
The building is compartmentalized fot two determined blocks. One of them is the printing office and the paper manufacturing part wich apperars as a concise prism, the other one is the editoral office wich is more spacious part of the building and it appears as a placard cylinder.
I had to design a printing-offcie for my terminal task. It consists of two main unit: one of them is the technological printing office and the other one is the editorial office.
On the ground floor the dining room the kitchen and the auxiliary places are located. The upsairs can be reached by the stairs and by the elevator.
The filing-cabinet the piar, the marketing, the cash-out places, the two courtroom, the riport room and the education room can be found on the first floor. On the second floor there are the editorial room’s offices. In this floor a spacious office is located, where the editors and the technicans work. Next to it here is the managment office where the manager can see everything, so he can easily control the whole editorial room.
The printing house is articulated for 3 parts. From the central corridor approachable dubble airspaced engine-room + the control-room – sound resource, expedialing and the complementary rooms. At the end of the corridor a wire gauzing window provides shine, this way it can resolve the closed feeling of the long hallway, and there are also windows toward to the airspaced engine, so we can see the printing procedure too. From the right side of the corridor open the agencies, the prepress, the resting places, lavatories, cubicles, and the storage. On either side of the long corridor using a spiral staircases we can get at the next floor, to the galery, from here opens an aerator-heater engine-house, the stoke-hole, the archives, and the IT office + store, and a directing room
The editorial is furnished outwardly by glass masking, at the slubs and pillars an inclear, brief, outwardly darked glass-inlay appears. The warm of the house is interfered by the horizontal shadding what runs over the building.
The printing-house has got a grey coloured, sinus-waved sheet-metal wrap. On the southern and westerly front, the smaller rooms got the shine accross a wire gauze which is built in front of the window, and hidden in the facade. On the northern side there is a deeped loading ramp what makes the in- and outloading easier.