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2009 "Little house - big ideas"


Time of planning: in July 2009
The building consist of two main parts: a parlor zone and a familiarer place. The form of the frontage also shows it, so from outside the place for the „strangers” gets a clinkertile which shows the function of the place.
From the entrance this place can be approcahed through a windbreak wich has not got a slab, so the lower smooth can be seen. The upper part of the wall between the windbreak and the living room i’ve placed 2lines of glassbricks for the lighting up and can be placed coat rack below of the bricks.
In the wall next to the doublewing door this lighting up line is turn away. Front of the entrance the stove is located wich also made of a material wich similar to the brick. On the right the kitchen and the dining room can be found on the left the living room. Next to the stove there’re two gaps two corridor wich functional as a walk in closet. Behind the kitchen a pantry and the parent-bedroom wich include a bathroom is located.
Behind the living room the „empire”of the children is placed, it includes two bedroom a bathroom and a place to play.
In the bedrooms, with the use of bunkbed four children can sleep easily. I shape a lane between the parent –bedroom and the childen ’ s,wich is may be neccessary if the children are younger.If they become older this lane can transform to a walk in closet.
The house includes a terrace wich is close to the entrance so it’s not neccessary to have a door for terrace.
The entrence side of the building works for placing the wood sticks.
LEIER „Little house – big ideas” competition – 2. prize (2009)