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2007 detached house of NB




Time of planning: in January 2007
The building is located on a 25*50 m long biulding site. On building site there is a garden gang, which run along front door. Beside this gang toe the line the fireplace, playground for children, the swimming pool, and at the end close this way a place for a statue. Next to the way there is sweedeed flowerbed.
The building has a regular quadrangle ground plan. Beside the house located an open-air garage and veranda. The main conception was that the building has a clear ground plan forming. So I partitioned the house for two site, the living territory and the familiar territory. In the building first section located the windbreak, the kitchen, the toilet, and the workroom. Over this sectoin located the bedrooms, and the bath. In the back side is the living room, the lunchroom and an interior state garden.
The building section from the street built by laminated brickwork, behind this section the wall is built by wood. Before the big hind glass wall there are a wood shading structure. I wanted to prepare the two annexes simbolically combiner scale by neutral material, so it became a central reinforced concrete column protruding „glass scale”.
The interior and exterior presence of the house uses the same materials, in this way by the street sight there is a wall made by miniature bricks, posteriorly in turn panelled walls cuddle the building. At the casual elevation in the line of the lumbered windows panelling run along, as I turned askew the wooden louvers, I could give hidden exposition to the still-room and the lavatory. On the south facade at the living-rooms little, longish glass-brick windows make the interior place playful.
The roofs masking is made of metal.