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2008 Terraced house / Sziget


Site: Lakatos street, Sziget, Győr
Time of planning: in June 2007
The close located in Sziget town part, in Győr. This site is straddle by the Rába and Rábca river. This area has a very irregular ground plan, and crooked streets. Here evolved a coveniences, self-contained houses with garden. My team’s object was, that in place of the old, run-down create a friendly area to live. We shaped parcel with half patio straddled by terraced house.
My buildings was creatied with facade and a ground plan playing. The close built three different tipe of houses. The buildings consist of two prisms, one the long rectanle form, beside the garage, and this connect the neighbouring houses.
The close are two-, or three-storied. In the three-storied houses there are an exclusive living rooms, and studios. On the downstairs located the living room, the kitchen with the chamber, the toilet and the walk-in closet. On the first and second floor are the bedrooms, the baths and lofts. Above the garages are the teraced green roofs.
The buildings facades covered by white coloured plaster. Behind the building there is a three-side-closed patio.