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Art and drawing school
Site: Mátyás király square, Gyárváros, Győr
Time of planning: in January 2008
The building located in Gyárváros, Győr. The buliding has got three major parts: the first and second are prism formed, the third is built as a barrel.
At the ground floor across the windbreak we enter to the airy hall, from where open the lavatories and here is the lift. Right, next to the windbreak there is the reception desk, after there is a buffet and a lunchroom. Going along from here using the ramp and the 4step scale we enter to the handicraft room. On the first floor there are the driver’s room, the teacher’s room and a smoking place. Just as the number 1 art room can be reached. On the second floor the photo studio with lab and dark-room, and the graphic studio are situated here. On the third floor the library, mechanical engineering room, and cleaner instrument’s room are found. Right from here there are the roof terrace and the number 2 art room.
The forming of the art rooms and the handicraft room it was important to become the class is well leveraged and well foreseeable. This is the reason why I decided next to the flatbed shape, in this way the students can be seated leisurely around the model. Because the classes need a higher headroom this part of the building has got only 3 floors, while the part from the entrance has got 4 floors.
Accommodating the anomalous plan of the building, I completed it with a pillared- lumbered construction, whit this I made the building more uniform. While the grid is regular with its uniform size, I planned the dividing of the windows irregular, playful. On the cylindric part the uniform, upright wooden louver resolving the grid’s level and upright articulation, has got functional role. The north-east siting insure defecate light in the classes.